Mission / Purpose

                                                                    OPERATING YEAR JANUARY 2023 TO DECEMBER2023
Mission Statement:
This organization's primary purpose shall be to create, promote, and encourage genealogy and family history research. To improve and encourage the research among its members and others showing interest, and make available those records held by the Society.
History of the Sweet Home Genealogy
The Sweet Home Genealogical Society was organized and Dues were set at $1.00 per year on December 2, 1975. The following are considered charter members of the oranization: Orville Hoy, Sylvia Brandt, Kay Holmes, Carla Healy, Marie Nork, Sharon Leader, Carmen Leader, Merle Britton, Affie McCauley, C.E. Francis, Irene Francis, Margaret Caston, Mary Launder, Vickie Boise, Louise Hoffman, Ramona Gill, Wilbur Johnston, Gladys Parker, Helen Palkki, George Munts, Mary Lois Munts & Fae Farrier.
There had been several meetings prior to the final organization with Orville Hoy, Fae Farrier, Sharon Leader, Kay Holmes, Marie Nork, Coreen Morgan & Carla Healy really putting it together.
The meetings were held in the Sweet Home Library Reading room from 1975 until 1999 when we moved into the new building. In the beginning, meetings were held on the 2nd Tuesdays at 1:00pm and on the 4th Saturday at 7:00pm. We have held our meetings on the 3rd Saturday of each month for several years.
Our first "library" was a locked cupboard in the back room of the City Library. The first book purchased by the society was "Compendium of Historical Sources" by Bremer, which was paid for by donations from members & the library. It took several years to recieve book as there were complications with the publishing. Most of our books were members' books that were shared.
About 1983, we were given the closet in the reading room of the library to house our books. We used a metal cabinet, which formerly held patterns in some store, until Richard Lillich built the beautiful new microfilm/microfiche cabinet from wood purchased with money from the Gene Hyatt memorial Fund.
We held the first of our annual workshops in March 1981 and each year they have gotten bigger & better.
As a group, we have made numerous field trips to various libraries, museums, cemeteries & other places of genealogical interest over the years. We were honored to have one of our members, Jerry Mealey, to leave part of her estate to us in hopes of finding a suitable facility for our society.
We are one of only a handful of genealogy societies that owns their own building in Oregon.
July 5, 1996, our society received recognition as a "non-profit" organization. To make this happen, Mary Jean Crawford spent many months of paper work. One September 11, 1997, member Jery Mealey passed away, leaving her estate to the Society to build or buy a suitable building for a library. With this gift, the beautiful new Mealey Building, which houses our library and meeting room was completed in September of 1999 An open house was held for our Grand Opening on November 13, 1999. Many new book, microfilm, microfiche & cd's have been added since moving into the new building The library is kept open with volunteer help. And without the generous donations of time, money, energy, item needed and lots of love, the livrary would not be available for everyone to use and enjoy.

Operating Year: January - December 2024

Site Managment
President: Laura Mather
Vice President & Site Manager: Terri R Lanini
Treasurer: Chris Barnes
Secretary: Gladys Seifert
Librarian: Velma Cook
Webmaster: Terri R Lanini
Webmaster Assistants
Webmaster Assistant: Ardys Vaughn
Membership: Terri R Lanini

Meeting Info

Board meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at 10:00am. 
This includes: President, Terri Lanini; Vice President, Chris Barnes; Treasurer, Laura Mather; Librarian, Velma Cook; and Secretary, Karlene Stutzer. Members are invited to all board meetings.
Membership Meetings are held the third Saturday during the months of September through May, at 10:am. After the general meeting, there will be a speaker or activity for those who are interested. All members are invited to the General meetings.
Open Operating Hours
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday   10:00am. to 4:00pm.
If you are from out of town, or need a special time, contact us at: 541-818-0578 and leave a message and your information.