Welcome to the Sweet Home Genealogical Society Website
We are just starting our adventures on our Sweet Home Genealogy Website. We have so much more to enter on our site. We are adding items almost everyday, so please check back frequently.
OPEN HOURS: We are closed on some days throughout the summer due to vacations and such. If there flags outside of the front door. Come on in, we are open. Or call 541-818-0578. Sorry for any inconvience.
Our usual hours, but may not be open at times.
We are one of only a handful of genealogy societies that owns their own building in Oregon. We were honored to have one of our members leave part of her estate to us to find a suitable facility for our society. Here we have monthly general members meetings on the 3rd Saturday of the months of September through May at:
Sweet Home Genealogical Society
1223 Kalmia St., Sweet Home, Oregon, 97386
Phone: 541-818-0578
Email: shgs1223@gmail.com
Library resources that are available at our building.
We have 3 designated computers for patron use. These websites are available:
Ancestry.com, Newspapers.com., Find a grave.com. and Family Search Affiliate. These sites are for members only on site, or pay $5.00 a day for computer use for non members. (Family Search Affiliate is free of charge to the public; no daily fee.)
We have an extensive library of over 5100 books, hundreds of family files in notebooks and file cabinets, numerous periodicals and books to sell.
Our Society receives numerous family histories, genealogy and photos from family members of deceased relatives. We index these, digitize and put the information in notebooks and/or file cabinets.
We also have obtained the photos/negatives from a local photography studio(Eggen Photography). The dates range from the early 1940's through early 1980's, and range from graduation photos, weddings,events, businesses and much more. We are preserving these in acid free sleeves and preparing a data base for this website, coming soon.
We are currently in the process of digitizing all of our written histories.
We have obtained funeral records from our local mortuary (Sweet Home Funeral) and have been digitized.
We also have our local newspaper( The New Era) in bound books from 1947 through 2022.
Become SHGS member for $25.00 a year.
Members have access to all information on our website.
Members get a 10% discount on workshops, and our in-house store of genealogy books and products. Check out our store on this website.
We also offer research services for a fee, $10.00 for half an hour. Other fees may apply such as: copies, packaging & shipping. A request form must be filled out and submitted with payment before we begin research.
Contact information for research: 541-818-0578 or shgs1223@gmail.com